Pitfalls of talking about Mental Health

Personal attacks

  1. The dynamic is that professionals pull together coherently when challenged and rarely support whistleblowers or complaints. you do act as one. As a prof your job can only be to recognise and name that collusive dynamic. Only way forward.
  2. you need to think about that not fair feeling and examine your defensiveness.
  3. I don’t use the concept good/bad. It is limiting in spaces around human distress.
  4. It’s not why we trained a valid criticism of MH practice followed by ‘It’s not why we trained + some reasons why said practice happened. This is the language and practice of institutionalised power and oppression. I don’t buy it, it’s mental health wash.
  5. 9 Mental health  the phrase that doesn; even begin to make sense
  6. Diffusion of responsibility is a tricky thing. You can’t let anyone off the hook. If you wold refuse to put someone on a ward where it wasn’t safe, I take it all back.

Author: Valid Consent

Promoting trauma informed care

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